Get involved

Bigger is better. California's Poetry Out Loud is the largest state POL competition in the nation, with room still to grow. Every high school in the state is eligible and encouraged to participate.

Ready to recite? Students and parents, make sure your school has contacted your Poetry Out Loud county partner to sign up!

Students who are homeschooled can get involved by joining in a local registered high school's competition, or by organizing a contest with fellow homeschooled students. Poetry Out Loud is accessible to students with disabilities—learn more here.

Additional questions can be directed to:

Jen Daly
Poetry Out Loud Consultant
(415) 652-7278

Josy Miller
Arts Education Program Specialist
(916) 322-6385


“Learning great poetry by heart develops the mind and imagination.”

Dana Gioia  |  Former chairman of the national endowment for the arts, founder of poetry out loud