California State Champions


Lily Bogas

2019 State champion
Marin county

"I find this opportunity of poetry recitation a really beautiful practice to just come back to yourself, and speak from your soul, because in the end being sincere and true to yourself is really what people in the theater—and everywhere—crave to see in a performance."

VIDEO: Round 3: Lily Bogas, Marin County

2019 Runner-Up: Penny DellaPelle of San Luis Obispo County
2019 Third Place: Jackson Dean of Riverside County

2019 Poetry Ourselves creative writing competition

First Place: Zoya Ahmed of Sonoma County
“A Concerto of Spice”
Runner-Up: Ceiba Cummings of Siskiyou County
”I was Your world”
Runner-Up: Georgia Schreiner of Ventura County
“Alphabet Soup”



2018 State champion
Orange county

"The arts give me the courage to express my values with an activist's voice in the midst of the fear and ignorance residing on both sides of the ‘fourth wall.'"

VIDEO: Round 2: Alexis Rangell-Onwuegbuzia, Orange County
VIDEO: Round 3: Alexis Rangell-Onwuegbuzia, Orange County

2018 Runner-Up: Sage Innerarity of Sacramento County
2018 Third Place: Nicholas Panyanouvong of Stanislaus County


Levi Lowe

2017 state champion
Tuolumne County

"Poetry Out Loud teaches empathy, and it teaches confidence. Empathy and confidence construct the artistic tongue."

VIDEO: Round 2: Levi Lowe, Tuolumne County
VIDEO: Round 3: Levi Lowe, Tuolumne County

2017 Runner-Up: Chigozie Maduchukwu
2017 Third Place: Nicholas Panyanouvong


2016 - Chigozie Maduchukwu, Sacramento County

2015 - Levi Lowe, Tuolumne County

2014 - Shayna Maci Warner, Marin County

2013 - Arwa Arwan, Monterey County

2012 - Corbin Gomez, El Dorado County

2011 - Robert Marchand, Monterey County

2010 - Morgan Brown, Monterey County

2009 - Spencer Klaven, Santa Barbara County

2008 - Roshawnda Bettencourt, Placer County

2007 - Karen Hong, Sonoma County

2006 - Ken Huffman, Sacramento County